Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To Get The Ashcan

Right, the Ashcan.

The only big caveat is that you WILL NOT receive these until after NYCC – I won’t have gotten them and have had time to send them before then, and it’s supposed to debut there anyway.

So, again, these won’t get to you until after October 16 2012.

With that in mind, here’s how you get one:

Paypal 15.00 US for each copy you want to I’m going to cap those at two per person. It’d be one, but I know some people will be getting for multiple people.

In the note part, put your name and address. Seriously, I need that to send your sweet, sweet ashcans. If you don’t have the name and address in there, I am going to send your money back, rather than waste it on hookers and blow. Nobody wants that. Include your address.

And if you're wondering what it's IN yon ashcan:

22 Pages, Black and White, limited to no more than 500 copies. Might be less, for sure won't be more.

11 pages of Legend of Luther Strode

6 page recap of Strange Talent

5 pages of brand damn new material, which will never be reprinted.

Available from Tradd and Justin at NYCC (obviously enough) but it's also going to be available to online folks who've supported the book but can't make it to NYCC. We just need to figure out how we're going to do it. Most likely, we'll just have people paypal me the money and then ship it by hand, but we're still working it out.

So that's the skinny.


  1. count me in!! do i need to instagram my issues AND trade and t-shirt?? =)

  2. I've reviewed issues # 1 through 6 on my blog as they came along. Does that count as supporting the book?

  3. Will you ship international? To Mexico maybe...?
    BIG FAN, and Ive been borowing my 6 issues to my friends to read them... (Thats support isnt it?)