Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Luther Strode Pitch

The text bits, anyway, edited to keep out spoilers and my home address. There were accompanied by the cover and the first six pages.

Cover Letter:

Justin Jordan

The Comic:

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, a six issue, 22 pages per, full color miniseries.

The Concept:

On a whim, average geek Luther Strode sends for an exercise course he saw in the back of an old comic book. The course promises to turn him into the kind of man that can kick sand right back in the bully’s face, but all Luther expects is, at best, a corny old book.

What he gets is the instruction manual and prime recruiting tool of a murder cult as old as mankind, and it does everything that it promised and much, much more. You can have everything you want, as long as you’re willing to pay the price, and Luther is about to find out just how a price that can be.

The Crew:

Writing: Justin Jordan’s work has appeared in more than a dozen comic book anthologies, along with being a three time competitor in DC’s Zuda competition. He lives in the wilds of Pennsylvania where he’s occasionally mistaken for a sasquatch. He’s not especially confident in his cover letter ability.

Art: Tradd Moore was born in Snellville, Georgia where he was raised solely on the teachings of X-Men, Final Fantasy, and The Matrix. Somewhere along the way he took up drawing and never looked back. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010 and has been locked in a room drawing comic books ever since.

Colors and Letters: Felipe Sobreiro is the artist behind THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SIGMUND FREUD and a handful of other short comics. He has published his work on Heavy Metal magazine, Image Comics’ POPGUN anthology and a couple of BOOM! Studios titles. He can be found at:

Issue Breakdown:

Issue One

Broadly speaking, things are going pretty well for Luther Strode; his mother and him have escaped from Luther’s abusive father, he’s a got a good friend and there’s a girl at school who, at the very least, is aware that he exists.

On the downside, Luther is scrawny, uncoordinated and hopelessly geeky, something he tries to change by ordering The Hercules Method, a bodybuilding course from an old comic book.

The course works much better than expected, and Luther ends up nearly killing one of the high school jocks with his newfound strength. Meanwhile, the man who sent him the book, The Librarian, is making his way towards his new pupil.

Issue Two

Suspended from school for putting the bully in the hospital, Luther spends his days figuring out his newfound abilities and getting to know Petra, his new girlfriend.

When Luther and his best friend Pete are caught up in a convenience store robbery, Luther is able to stop the criminals and escape unseen. To Pete, this is a clear indication that Luther has only one option: to become a superhero.


Issue Three

Luther is becoming increasingly worried about Petra, who believes is being abused by her father. He tries to push this into his tentative attempts to become a superhero, but he finds that fighting crime, even with superpowers, is harder than he expected.


Issue Four - REDACTED

Issue Five - REDACTED

Issue Six - REDACTED

Yes, the redacted thing amuses me. What can I say.

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  1. Some people say pitching a project is harder than anything else, since the editor won't read a full script, just a few lines in which you have to make your concept shine.

    I'm not really sure what the 'cover letter' is, though.