Saturday, January 7, 2012

Script Sample

Golden Age

Issue One/Draft One


Justin Jordan

Page One

Panel One – Close on Titan’s face set against blue sky. We can’t see it here, but he’s flying. His look here is one of absolute bliss, his eyes closed, wide but closed mouth smile. We’re looking at this from down below.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that

almost everyone…

Panel Two – Pull out, and we get to see more of Titan. He is flying, arms outstretched to the side, nothing but blue skies behind him.


…dreams of flying.

Panel Three – More or less the same as two, except that something has moved over top of him and has put in deep shadow. The something is a giant robot thing, but we’re not able to see it here.

Panel Four – Titan opens his eyes, and looks up.


Ah, damnit.


But this?

Panel Five – A massive three fingered robot hand wraps around his head. It’s sufficiently large that we can see a little bit of his hair and then his chest.




I’m pretty sure this one is just me.

Panel Six – Big panel, where we can see the robot thinger that has grabbed Titan. It is massive, humanoid. Mechanical but strangely organic looking, as if constructed out of steel cables. Tiny head set necklessly on a massive body. One lens like eye, no mouth or nose. Titan is grabbing at the fingers and starting to pull them loose.


  1. I'll buy four issues. Have them on my doorstep by Monday. Thank you.

    Also, oddball question: Did someone teach you to write comic scripts this way or did you adapt film script format for a comic script? I ask because, well, the more I look the more I find that comic writers young and old have no single unified way of writing scripts. Yet I keep hearing format is important because one looks professional and the other looks like someone shit on a 4th grade school play and left it out to soak in the Detroit rain.

    Your thoughts?

  2. Yeah, I just adapted it from film script style. This is fairly typical of the scripts, though. They may be slightly different, but nothing major that I've seen.

    Dark Horse had a sample script up their website (probably still do) that was pretty good, if you worried about it.