Monday, January 16, 2012

What The Hell Is A Protodraft?

I mention that I sometimes do what I call protodrafts and, since I made the word up, is something I should probably explain a wee bit. Basically, it's a draft where I layout the rough form of the action, usually just a line or so for each panel. I don't necessarily do this for every page of every script - I tend to use it most during action scenes.

After the protodraft, I go back and fill in more panel description, if needed, and then dialogue. It looks like this:

Page Thirty

Panel One – He lifts Tower by his neck.

Panel Two – Draws back his fist.

Panel Three – Grace grabs.

Panel Four – Quest looks at him.

Panel Five – Grace speaks

Panel Six – Quest speaks

Page Thirty One

Panel One – Grace speaks.

Panel Two – Quest draws Tower close in.

Panel Three – Tosses him at Grace’s feet.

Panel Four – Grace orders the men to take him away. Tower yells at Quest.

Panel Five – Quest turns.

Panel Six – Tower dragged away

Page Thirty Two

Panel One – Est Shot, Leavenworth Military prison. 1944

Panel Two – Inside hall, two men.

Panel Three – Come to the door.

Panel Four – Opening door.

Panel Five – Men looking in.

Panel Six – Very old Tower.

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  1. the exact same thing. Now I have a word for it, thank you.