Friday, August 5, 2011

Future Stuff

Some of my ideas I'm not actively working on because at this stage of my career, I can't see them selling enough to continue. For instance:

The High

The world is ruled by a secret group of families, gifted with immense psychic powers. They can change your personality at a whim, turn you into a slave in your own body, twist your flesh and rape your mind. They are unseen by the larger world, but The High would follow the people that cross their paths.

There's more to than that - the history of the families, who is really in charge, what it's like to work for powerful and unpredictable people. On a thematic level it's kind of amn extended metaphor for governments and the good and bad of them.

It's also, I think, the sort of thing I would have fancy fuck all of making sales on if I put it out tomorrow. It's a Vertigo type book, and without Vertigo backing, it's going to be a rough go.

Note: This is one of those rare titles I come up with that I actually like and has multiple levels of meaning. It's a reference to both the phrase the high and the mighty, as well as the more drug related meaning.

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