Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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The Librarian’s Guide to Life
Page Two

Six Panel Grid

Panel One – The Librarian, seated in a wingback chair, in a study. Fancy books behind him.

One of the questions I get from
students of the Hercules Method
is how to get the girl.

Panel Two – Nerdy Boy trying to talk to a Pretty Girl in the hall of a high school, who isn’t giving him the time of day. Both teenagers, and the boy is slightly pudgy

As you know, women are fickle
and unpredictable creatures who
are unlikely to see your untapped

Panel Three – Nerdy Boy reading the Hercules Method while walking down the hall.

This is why you must tap that
potential so that you may tap…
other things.

Panel Four – The Nerdy Boy has done the Hercules Method and gotten much more muscular, although he still has a bit of the pudge. Here he is punching out the Pretty Girl’s boyfriend, and it’s more than a knockout, it’s a killer. The boyfriend’s jaw is coming off, blood and teeth going everywhere. The girl is in the background, hands over mouth in shock and horror.

Of course, there maybe certain
obstacles, but the course of true
love never did run smooth. It does,
occasionally, run red.

Panel Five – Nerdy boy being led away by the police, as the girl cries in the background.

If you don’t succeed at first, fear
not as new opportunities will
soon present themselves, albeit in
perhaps a form less expected.

Panel Six – The Librarian in his chair. He has a bloody red heart in hand, his hand and finger covered in blood. He’s looking at the reader.

Remember, no can truly give you
their heart, so you need to be
bold and take it.

I recommend going underneath the
ribs at an upward angle.

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