Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Horns and Hotrods

I had a dream, a while back, that I was Viking warrior (this is strange for two reasons - my dreams are almost never stuff that couldn't happen, and I'm almost never not just me) back from a long war, and I'm a notorious raider and killer, and I take up residence at the house of a young widow, who is being rather forcefully "courted" by the men of the town. I was probably responsible for the death of her husband.

So yeah, that part is basically Viking Shane. What interested me was the look of the thing. I don't when this was meant to have taken place, but what we had has a bunch of men using swords to duel while tooling about in 1950's style hotrods. Hence the title, Horns and Hotrods.

Yes, I know Vikings didn't wear horned helmets.

It was such a striking visual, actually, that if I ever find the right person for the art, some one in the Nate Simpsin vein, I'm damn well going to have a go at adapting into an actual story.

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